Intensive IELTS reading

- Book: Intensive IELTS reading.
- Tác giả: New Oriental Education &Technology Group IELTS Research Institute
- Số trang: 200
- Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction to IELTS Reading
I. IELTS Reading Topics
II. IELTS Reading Task Types
Chapter 2: IELTS Reading Fundamentals
I. Vocabulary
1. Part of speech/ Word classes
2. Emotional aspects of words
3. Guessing the meanings of unknown words
4. Paraphrased words
5. Confusing words
II. Grammar
1. How to analyse long sentences
2. Sentence focus
3. Basic sentence elements
4. Simplifying complex sentences
5. Other important grammar points
III. Passage Organisation
1. Passage organisation
2. Identifying thesis statements and topics sentences
3. Identifying supporting ideas
4. Identifying general ideas and specific information
5. Identifying general patterns of passage organisation
Chapter 3: IELTS Reading Strategies
1. Reading the title
2. Glancing through the questions
3. Locating what you should read
4. Circling signal words
5. Circling eye-catching words
6. Watching visual informaition
7. Reading the directions
8. Looking at sample answers
9. Analysing the questions and memorising them
Chapter 4: IELTS Reading Practice
I. Finding out Main Ideas
II. Finding out Specific Information
III. Summary/ Table/ Process/ Sentence Completion
IV. True/ False/ not Given Exercises
V. Reading for Details
VI. More Practice
Chapter 5: Multiple-choice Practice
1. Finding the Lost Freedom
2. How to Raise a Bright Child
3. The Value of Driver Training
4. Traditional Vietnamese Medical Theory
5. The Great Barrier Reef
6. Earhquake
7. Why We Can’t Afford to Let Asia Starve
8. Intellectual Disability
9. The New Ice Age
10. Tools for Tomorrow’s Telecommunications
11. Associations Provide Therapy for Society
12. Sustainable Production
13. A Different Taste of Things to Come
14. Fire Tests
Chapter 6: Answer Key
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